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 Education is the one element that promotes positive change, without it we stagnate as an entity. 
Jonathan R. Walters, Founder
And Master Troublemaker

Committed to helping all people achieve their dreams
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My Industrial Segments:

Space Vehicle Propulsion Design                                                                                                   Space Vehicle Electrical Control and Command      

Space Vehicle Fluid Systems Design                                                                                                           Space Vehicle Actuation Device Design

Aerospace Actuation Device Design                                                                                                                                 Military Aircraft Design

Civilian Aircraft Design                                                                                                                                         Military Ship Building Design   

Civilian Ship Building Design                                                                                                                       Automotive and Light Truck Design

Civilian Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Design                                                                                                     Military Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Design                                                                            
Vehicle Up-Armour and Bullet-Proofing                                                                                              Hydraulic Systems Design and Integration

Pneumatic Systems Design and Integration                                                                 Aerospace Avionic Methodologies, Design, and Integration

Aerospace Electrical Design and Integration                                                           Permanent Magnet Power Generation Design and Integration

Aerospace Turbine Engine Design and Integration                                                                                         Solar Power Design and Integration 

Hydro-Electric Power Generation Design and Integration                                                                             Motorcycle Design and Construction

Wind Power Design and Construction and Integration                                                                            Hybrid Bicycle Design and Construction

Hybrid Vehicle Retro-Fit Design and Integration

Manufacturing Efficiency

Personnel Efficiency
We accomplish what nobody and I mean NOBODY  else can - the IMPOSSIBLE. 

Here at GDR I routinely make "impossible" 
...... Reality {And it is pretty easy to do}
Jonathan R. Walters
This organization employs an Intelligent Design Refractory Methodology which is PEERLESS.....

The Turbinique Wind Engine is the first and most important product of

Our Chief Scientist Mr. Jonathan R. Walters embarked on a mission of success in life and living with this first machine invention. From this first offering an entire race of new machines has resulted. These machines are rooted in good-old-fashioned "solid-state" technology which in simple terms is as solid as rock and just as trustworthy. By negating "high technology" our designs will continue to function to 100% advertised even in the event of a catastrophic event. 

The outright potential of this singular invention to be the sole-power base of a variety of machines cannot be understated. There are many places on Earth where historical wind values are of such magnitude that anyone residing in these areas stand to reap the rewards and riches of opportunity.