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 Education is the one element that promotes positive change, without it we stagnate as an entity. 
Off - Grid Living the GDR Way
Every product researched and designed by enables freedom of living *ANYWHERE* you choose no matter how removed from society you desire.

Our Odin Aircraft's "Intrepid Explorer" ultralight aircraft is by regulation and design to be operated by any person. FAA Part 103 Regulation mean no pilots license needed - no medical required - No registration markings of any kind are needed. Go anywhere with our Intrepid Explorer because it is a STOL (short take-off and land) capable machine with generous cargo space in the nose, tail and under the pilot's seat area. Take-off and land in under 25'. Use this aircraft to transit your favorite fishing / hunting areas or just to go to town and shop or whatever. With this aircraft you can have your Hestia Tiny Home way out in the outback where there are NO roads....
Our Turbinique Wind Engine is the result of nearly 5 years of intensive research and design to bring you the very best and most powerful wind powered engine in a surprisingly compact package. The horizontal shaft unit is purpose designed to drive an electric power generator of our own design. We call it the Zeous Power Module - it is a Permanent Magnet Generator. With this package you can generate large amounts of electric power with zero vibration and virtually no noise at all. The Zeous Power Module is immune to micro-bursts of electromagnetic pulses so in the event of any numerous calamitous events your Turbinique and Zeous power module will continue to function to 100% reliability. Available in any size you need. Combine this unit with solar for a 1-2 knock-out punch to power production which provides all you need to live in your tiny home while powering your self-sustaining green house micro farm.
After landing at your Hestia Tiny Home which you either built from our plans or had it built for you, you will live in your own luxury - way away from the evils of the world. Here you will live in abject comfort because you are using both solar and our Turbinique Wind Engine to make your own electricity and fresh water if you choose. The Hestia Tiny Home is an all-metal sandwich design which is lifted directly from aircraft construction. Virtually fire-proof. Extremely strong and ever-lasting. Extreme insulation and extremely lightweight by an order of magnitude over wood built tiny homes! Think about it, you are a 100 miles from the next neighbor and you are emailing your family while watching the world implode on TV while you are sipping your latte.....think about it..
Now that you are situated with your Odin Aircraft Intrepid Explorer personal aircraft and have landed at your Hestia Tiny Home which is powered by the Zeous Power Module you are a bit you walk over to your Saturnae Micro Farm. With this unit it is 100% self sufficient. It is a triple insulated unit with its own environment controlled by you. With this unit you can farm 365 days a year in any climate  -anywhere. The watering system is a recirculating type so no nutrients are lost and there is no introduction of any pollutants. With our method you plant a row once a week. Once that first row is ripened you harvest - a week later you harvest again - and over and over and over. You will never run out of food. And with our extended growing cycle option you will have artificial sun lamps lighting the micro-farm in the dead of night / winter which further enhances your harvests! So now you are full and need to work off that meal so you hop on our Hermes Hybrid Bicycle and you go for a ride...
With our Hermes Hybrid Bicycle you have real power at your fingertips! You are still the power-plant which motivates this magnificent machine - however - what you are powering is not the wheels! You are powering a variant of the Zeous Power Module which is used in the Turbinique Wind Engine! With this power module you are generating your own electric power. Power enough to climb a very steep hill -or -mountain with a fraction of the effort required with a normal crank and chain type cycle! We have invested allot of intelligent thought into this concept and are making it a reality right now! 

Now is this off-grid living.....or is it off-grid living!